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  • 2014 Season Ends With Smiles

    Box Score With the playoffs out of the picture, the motivation for the members of the So Cal Catch (24-22) to win their last game against the Santa Paula Halos was one more chance to play for each other and to have fun in pursuit of a victory. By the end of the night everyone was in a jovial mood, as a 7-3 win in Santa Paula made the postgame pictures and bus ride back home that much sweeter. All the scoring in this game was restricted to the second and seventh innings.   Read More...

  • Catch (23-22) Drop Out of CCL Playoff Race

    Box Score The Catch is a good baseball team with the talented players to keep up with the powerhouse teams of the California Collegiate League. But baseball can be a eccentric sport at times, where a given team, in a given year, can have another’s number. That was the case in the LA Brewers’ favor against the Catch this summer, as it seemed every contest between the two would leave the Catch thinking it had run into the buzzsaw of Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez, and the Milwaukee Brewers of the Major ...  Read More...

  • Brewers Leave Catch With Work To Do

    The day started with smiles and sunny blue skies under which the So Cal Catch thanked its host families before the game against the LA Brewers. Unfortunately, the Brewers joined with the darkness to put a damper on all the festivities, storming back in the final two innings to take a 7-5 lead before the game was suspended at 7:55 p.m.. It will be resumed tomorrow before the teams’ double header at J Serra High School.   Read More...

  • Catch (23-18) Run Up Score Too Fast For SLO

    Box Score The Catch could not have rebounded better to the late inning loss to the Blue last night. The game was all but decided midway through the fourth inning when the Catch lead ballooned to 12-0 after the first eight batters of the top of the fourth scored. The final score was 18-6, So Cal Catch (23-18).   Read More...

  • Late Night Heartbreak for Catch (22-18)

    Box Score It was a good thing Sinsheimer Stadium had lights tonight because the So Cal Catch and San Luis Obispo Blues would play the longest game of the season for both teams, a 14 inning struggle that the Catch would lose 5-4. The first game of the three game set was a game and half in terms of the length and drama and spectators watched five scoreless frames from innings nine to 13 with multiple scoring opportunities for both teams. Collin Ferguson (St.   Read More...

  • Catch (22-17) Shut Down Seals, 10-0

    Box Score The So Cal Catch decided to pay the power bill at Eagles’ Diamond this afternoon, as it came up with five extra-base hits and 13 overall to defeat the San Francisco Seals 10-0. It was decidedly a good day for the bottom half of the Catch order as it accounted for eight of the Catch’s 10 runs. Even Neil DeCook (Western Illinois) and Tyler Schweigert (Eastern Illinois) got in on the fun in non-league action with two hits and a run scored apiece.   Read More...

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