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Thank you for your interest,

           Ben Orr
          FCA Baseball Director


Summer Internships

All interns will serve and assist under the supervision of Director of Operations Joshua Hemphill and General Manager, Hunter Bingham. 

Sports Ministry / Camps Internship Description 

Description: So. Cal FCA Baseball is seeking 10-12 young men passionate about baseball ministry to lead and facilitate the youth camps ministry over the 2017 summer. The camps ministry strives to be perfect of blend of fun with high level baseball skills training for kids and spiritual engagement through evangelism and discipleship. Throughout the summer interns will be in charge of leading a team of kids throughout each of the 4 camps as a lead coach, facilitating small group discussion, sharing their testimony, helping kids with baseball drills, helping with administrative support and logistics of running each camp, and participating in fellowship and leadership development as a part of the intern team


Sports Ministry Camp Internship with FCA Baseball // OPEN  

Qualifications and requirements for the camp internship position can be found on the So Cal FCA Baseball website: 
 • Please see socalfcabaseball.org/internships for additional information.

So. Cal. Catch Collegiate Team Job Descriptions 

Description: So. Cal. Catch Baseball Club is seeking 12 interns passionate about baseball and Jesus who will actively be a part of all facets of running a baseball organization. Please go HERE for more information

Media Relations/Sports Information Internship // OPEN

Duties for the media relations/sports information internship will consist of, but not be limited to:
 • Write and produce the Gameday Program including the official pregame notes for each home game
 • E-mail box scores to proper media outlets after each home game
 • Write official postgame recaps and send to proper media outlets after each home game
 • E-mail updated rosters to upcoming opponents
 • Help supervise a part-time press box staff of five to six individuals
 • Overseeing the game-day operations of the press box including the public address system, video cast, music, and scoreboard operation
 • Update the website on a daily basis including the CCL standings
 • Interaction with advertisers and fans
 • Update all So. Cal. Catch social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
 • General duties as assigned

Game Operations/Logitics Internship //  OPEN

Duties for the game operations internship will consist of, but not be limited to:

• Interaction with advertisers and fans

• Assist in planning and preparing for intern week

• Assist in the training and supervision of intern staff in all aspects of security and game-day operations

• Assist in running all aspects of stadium operations including security, programs, in-park staff, and general stadium cleanliness

• Help to maintain stadium policies regarding customer service and other issues

• Assist in leading part-time staff with regard to customer service and day-to-day operations

• Assist in the setup/tear-down of various areas before and after each home game

• Assist in ticket taking during home games (if necessary)

• Distribution of pocket schedule cards to spectators as they leave the ballpark

• Order and Arrange pre/post game meals for both teams

• Order and Arrange camp meals

• Set up away game transportation and Mexico Trip

• General duties as assigned

Stadium Operations - Clubhouse/Camp Internship //  OPEN 

Duties for the stadium/clubhouse internship will consist of, but not be limited to:

• Clean and organize the home & visitor clubhouses and coaches office so they are ready to go at the beginning of the season, kept tidy and clean during season, and cleaned up and put to bed at the end of the season

• Organize and inventory all team equipment, i.e. bats/balls/helmets, etc. throughout the season for Team and Camps

• Organize, inventory, and hand out all team uniforms and camp staff gear

• Assist in picking/setting up pre/post game meals for both teams

• Assist in picking/setting up camp meals

• General duties as assigned

Merchandising Concessions and Hospitality Internship // OPEN

Duties for the merchandising internship will consist of, but not be limited to:

• Manning the souvenir stand at all home games and camps
 • Creating displays
 • Processing orders
 • Managing the souvenir stand inventory, including sales done at games and camp
 • Interaction with advertisers and fans
 • Assist with game operations during the game
 • General duties as assigned

Required Skill:
 • Superior merchandise skills
 • Creative mindset
 • Understanding of wholesale and retail difference
 • Immediate to advanced computer skills (Word, Excel, email, digital photography)
 • Sufficient communication skills

Office and Ticket Internship // OPEN

Duties for the ticket office internship will consist of, but not be limited to:
 • Help supervise ticket office
 • Will work on processing/finalizing group and season tickets
 • Help in maintaining the policies of the ticket office with regard to customer service and other ticketing issues
 • Oversee and manage ticket inventory
 • Distribution of tickets to campers
 • Interaction with advertisers and fans
 • General duties as assigned

Public and Customer Relations Internship // OPEN 

Duties for the public relations internship will consist of, but not be limited to:

• Assist in setting up and running Community Outreach Programs

• Assist in setting up and running FCA youth baseball camp

• Interaction with advertisers and fans

• Help organize National Anthems, 1st pitch, and Organization of the night appearances

• Coordinate sponsorship fulfillment

• Coordinate corporate/board events

• Coordinate partner appreciation games and event giveaways

• Organize game day appearances/first pitch ceremonies, ect.

• Interaction with fans and advertisers

• Assist in game operations

• General duties as assigned

Videography/Photography Internship // OPEN 

The So. Cal Catch Collegiate Baseball Team is seeking an individual to take video and photography for the summer. This individual will be primarily taking pictures and video of game day activity including player shots, fan shots, and sponsorship fulfillment. This individual will also assist Marketing Department in posting game day photos after each Catch home and away games.

Duties for the videographer will consist of, but not be limited to:

• The Video and Photography intern will report directly to the Asst. GM of Marketing

• Shoot all Catch home games, as well as Catch special events on both game and non-game days including Mexico trip and summer camps.

• Post daily photo logs of the previous day’s activities

• Assist the Asst. GM of Marketing in the production of the Catch team poster and team baseball cards.

• Produce weekly video highlights of games and camps and post to the Catch Vimeo site.

• Take player head shots, and upload these pictures to www.socalcatch.com

Required Skills:
• Exemplary photography ability, preferred experience is 2 years in a sports setting
 • Excellent organization skills
 • Ability to adapt on the fly in a fast-paced environment
 • Excellent communication skills
 • Be capable of taking direction in completing assigned tasks under direct supervision

Broadcasters // OPEN

Duties for the broadcaster will consist of, but not be limited to:

• The video broadcaster will report directly to the General Manager
 Assist or help the GM managing camera operators and developing a schedule so that each 

Video and Webcast Production Internship

The So Cal Catch are seeking two individuals to assist in producing webcast for all 50 Catch games that are streamed live on the So. Cal Catch Stretch Internet platform. These individuals will manage the camera operators. The webcast producer will serve under the close supervision of the Digital/Creative Marketing Team and General Manager. Please provide examples of video work or a link to your portfolio with your application.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Serve as on-air broadcaster for all 50 Catch home and away games
  • Manage and schedule camera operatorpdate rosters and stats graphics for use in game production
  • Create commercial audio breaks for every game
  • Collaborate and co-produce pre and post-game shows for each broadcast
  • Setup, breakdown, and maintaining of video production equipment
  • Manage Catch Vimeo Channel
  • Assist with Creative Media Team on all video production media
    Working with the Director of Marketing and Digital Media Production intern to create short videos that can be used online and on the video board to enhance the fan experience at the "Duck Pond." Examples include, nightly video with our Chef, video spoofs, mascots doing crazy things, etc…

Required Skills:

  • Experience with video editing and software
  • Previous experience directing a broadcast preferred but not required
  • Proficient in video techniques, including camera positioning, lighting, etc.
  • Must be a creative thinker with the ability to think of new, fun ideas to improve the fan experience through video
  • A general understanding of baseball is preferred
  • Ability to problem solve on the fly
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be well organized and detail oriented
  • Working with the Photography Intern to create short videos that can be used online to enhance the fan experience. Examples include game recaps, season recaps/highlights, etc.
  • On non-game days this internship will have play an integral role in the overall operation of the  organization. Tasks and responsibilities would include marketing events, player appearances, hospitality management, etc.

Preferred Skills:

  • Previous experience with Adobe Premier or iMovie would be a plus.
  • Must be a creative thinker with the ability to think of new, fun ideas to improve the fan experience through video.
  • Ability to problem solve on the fly
  • Excellent communication skills

  Cameraman // OPEN

Duties for the cameraman will consist of, but not be limited to:

· Be available for all 24 home games
 · Desire to learn and able to take direction well
 · Duties as required

Preferred Skills:
 · Experience running a camera is preferred, but not required.

 Statistician // OPEN 

Duties for the statistician will consist of, but not be limited to:

· Serve as official scorekeeper for league and non-league games, using Pointstreak as the official scorekeeping software of the California Collegiate League
 · Obtain daily lineups and pass lists from home and visiting teams, distribute where needed on a timely basis
 · Provide post-game box scores through web platform and current statistics to home and visiting coaches

Game Announcer // OPEN
Preferred Skills:

· Strong vocal talent
 · Unique and definitive personality
 · Strong knowledge of baseball, including rules and positions
 · Comfortable announcing to crowds of people on a microphone
 · Comfortable announcing complex names from a variety of ethnic backgrounds
 · Able to attend all 24 home games
 · Comfortable working closely with intern staff members

Experience working as a PA announcer, in television, or radio is preferred but not required

 Certified Athletic Trainer// OPEN 

Assistant Athletic Trainer// OPEN

Duties for the assistant athletic trainer will consist of, but not be limited to:
• Assist Head Athletic Trainer in care for players on daily basis
 • Communicate with team Head Athletic Trainer
 • Provide in house rehabilitation programs for player injuries
 • Lead trainer for our camp program.

 · Pursuing trainer’s certification; Athletic Training or Exercise Science undergrad students or graduates.
 · Good organizational skills
 · Good team player with great attitude
 · Ability to work in fast-paced environment
 · Ability and willingness to work varied and long hours

Interested candidates should call to set up an appointment with the Catch front office at 303.483.8328

Resumes and cover letters may be sent to: CatchGM@FCA.org

Thank you for your interest,

Hunter Bingham, General Manager

So. Cal. Catch | FCA Baseball

Email: CatchGM@Fca.org

Phone: 303.483.8328