Mexico Recap

The Orr family (left to right, Jack, Caleb, Lindsay, Owen, Ben) standing with the family with their new home in the background (Eunice, Daniel, David, Nathaniel)

Recently, the Southern California Catch upheld their summer tradition of taking a break from baseball and spending three days down in Mexico serving those in need. For the past three seasons, the Catch have worked through Baja Christian Ministries and built a house for an improvised family. In a manner of roughly seven hours, a group of sixty players, interns, coaches and their families were able to bless Nathaniel, Eunice and their three children, Daniel David and Citlali, with a new home.

Not only did the Catch work quickly and efficiently to construct the house, they were able to get away from the work site and explore the community through Baja Christian Ministries. Pastor Ramon Chavez and “Baja” Bob led the Catch to evangelize in the unreached community of Tecate, Mexico. With Pastor Chavez translating, the players and staff were able to share their testimonies and as a result, many in the community were brought to Christ. At the end of the evangelizing time, everyone from the community who came received a Bible, with hopes that they continue to learn more about God and his Word.

Despite the spiritually positive impact the trip had for the team and Tecate, many of the players who came on the trip became ill, from what is believed to be food poisoning. As a result, the game scheduled for Friday, June 24, was canceled and the Catch could use your thoughts and prayers as a number of the players are working to feel better in time for their next game.